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24/7 Service Makes The Difference

What do you do when you need surfacing resources or plant repair out of regular office hours?

Are you stumped? Do you have to wait until the morning? Is that vital deadline going to be missed?

MAC Surfacing has built a reputation over their 14-year history for always responding in case of emergency, and this is perfectly exemplified by their commitment to customer service 24 hours a day.

With the phones never switched off, MAC Surfacing pride themselves on their 24/7 service, where they will predominantly be the first call from major contractors in the event of emergency surfacing works such as fire damage following a road traffic accident or providing mechanical breakdown cover from a team of trained and competent engineers.

At this point, MAC kick into gear with their response procedure including:

  • MAC staff take the call on their 24/7 hotline
  • The enquiry is assessed and correct resources to solve problem are identified
  • Equipment and resources are cross referenced through the MAC electronic planner
  • Contact with necessary department/depot is made to confirm availability
  • Resources agreed and mobilised within one hour of call being taken in 95% of cases

In addition to an active 24-hour phone number, MAC Surfacing also have a dedicated night manager for their depots along with mechanics maintaining plant machinery throughout the night. It’s a thorough, in-depth operation devised to the last detail.

We spoke to Marc Copson of MAC Surfacing about their clock-round services, and Marc told us:

“Over the years, we found what really started to set MAC apart from the rest was the service we provided, and a natural evolution has been to keep ourselves contactable 24 hours a day.

“With so many schemes of work taking place through the night we feel the only way we can provide the very best service to our customers is to be available to them 24 hours a day. It’d be easy to just have a contact number, deal with situations in the morning and then claim that we’re 24/7. But, with the dedicated night staffing we have in place, we can quite genuinely say we have the full infrastructure and protocols in place to truly be a 24/7 company.

“We outwardly speak about our commitment to service, and we’re practicing what we preach.”

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