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MAC Surfacing | Investing in Quality, To Achieve Quality

The importance of new and up to date equipment should be a key for any business. Having up to date, high-quality resources provides a number of benefits to any company.

MAC Surfacing pride themselves on being at the forefront of providing great service. The company implement a 24/7 contact line for their customers and clients, and their commitment doesn’t stop at that.

MAC recognises the need for quality tools and resources and invests heavily in making sure that their entire operation is as new as can possibly be.

Vehicles and Machinery

Ensuring their fleet of vehicles including planers, pavers, rollers and all other ancillary equipment are in excellent condition, and regularly serviced and maintained. MAC endeavour to keep all equipment less than 5 years old but in reality, most equipment is less than 3 years of age. As a general rule, all vehicles and machinery are purchased from new to ensure they have manufacturing warranty support and complete visibility of the history of the machine from new.

The benefits of this upkeep are essential to MAC Surfacing. Their clients get more efficient machines ensuring jobs are carried out with minimal disruption due to breakdown or error, meaning delays are eliminated as best as possible.

It’s a sign of quality, modern machines with a modern approach to doing business- realising the importance of continued investment and striving for more. Not waiting for something to fail or underperform before fixing an issue.

Additionally, this level of quality is a big tick in the box for safety both in terms of the workforce, and the public with new, top quality vehicles and machinery less prone to error and accident that may cause harm or injury. Environmental benefits also come with this, reducing the carbon footprint of a job as much as possible by utilising the newest, most efficient engines possible.

It’s using the highest quality vehicles, plant and machinery that has contributed to setting MAC apart when it comes to quality and service, as their investment in top quality assets perfectly exemplifies their attitude towards getting the job done effectively, efficiently, and right first time.


The need for new, high quality PPE should speak for itself. Unfortunately, not all employers are as committed to regular updating of PPE for their workforce as MAC Surfacing. Keeping personal protective equipment in the highest working order is paramount to the safety of the MAC workforce.

‘One accident is too many’ is a phrase coined by MAC Director Marc Copson:

“We do everything we can to ensure the safety of our workforce, and we’re always happy to invest in newer, higher quality PPE. The nature of our work means this protective clothing can become damaged, worn and torn over time- so it’s our responsibility to make sure our crews out on the roads are as safe as they can be whilst they’re representing MAC.

The ethos of quality throughout is furthered, with newer, more highly visible PPE carrying on the message.

The Benefits

To the environment…

Utilising modern machinery throughout their work has a huge environmental boost to the MAC operation. The efficiency of modern vehicles and machinery leaves a lighter carbon footprint than older ones, with fuel consumption and engine emissions greatly reduced. With environmental issues and concerns at the forefront of all aspects of business in the modern world, the continued commitment to the environment keeps MAC Surfacing at the very forefront of modern day issues.


Benefits include being able to give a more efficient service to clients, with less breakdowns that come with older vehicles and machinery. This means more jobs are completed right first time by eradicating unnecessary delays and meeting deadlines more consistently. This enhances the already stellar MAC reputation for efficiency and service.

To their workforce…

The MAC workforce benefit from the increased safety benefits that high quality, up to date machinery and PPE brings. Less accidents and error mean the crews are getting home safely at the end of their shifts. As Marc Copson told us: “One accident is too many” and MAC are practicing what they preach.

Additionally, by being supplied with top quality machinery, equipment and PPE, the MAC workforce get a real sense of importance and value in their positions. The crews know they’re supported from the top of the company and down throughout

To MAC clients…

For MAC Surfacing’s clients, the benefits are vast. They get a supplier engrossed in quality, efficiency and safety.

There is a sound knowledge and peace of mind that all aspects of quality and safety are in control and as a result, accidents and issues are vastly reduced.

Marc Copson concluded:

“We feel our focus and continued investment in the newest, highest quality equipment we can get speaks volumes for who we are as a company, our values and our attitude. It’s sad to say, but unfortunately, we know that there is a degree of cost cutting and ignorance towards some of these factors within the industry. We’re making sure we stand out from that here at MAC.”

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