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New Training Division is up and running

MAC Surfacing has expanded their already impressive range of services by adding and opening their very own training division.

Already known for planer and paver hire, labour supply and plant haulage, MAC now adds another string to their bow.

The new training division is for undertaking plant assessments of all MAC employees and sub-contractors but is also available for external companies to utilize.

The division is currently for providing plant assessments of all industry related equipment under the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme.

MAC Surfacing are an officially approved Training Provider,

Being both an internal and external division, the MAC company vision is to venture in to actual industry-based training of apprentices, general labour and upskilling of the existing MAC workforce, as well as aiding external companies with their training needs.

We asked Director Marc Copson ‘Why did you launch a training division?’

Marc told us:

“Getting plant assessments for operatives is difficult, as they have to be booked in advance and keeping a workforce of 120+ accredited is a difficult task.

“We felt it necessary to offer an opportunity for a longstanding, skilled employee to take charge of this to ensure that MAC consistently send out the right operatives, with the correct qualifications.

It’s about quality, doing things correctly, and maintaining the highest of standards.”

The division is headed up by Andrew Taylor who had a key part in the early days of MAC Surfacing.

Andrew has grown with the business, moving from Transport Operative to Surfacing Operative to Transport and Operations Manager throughout the last 14 years.

More recently, he has worked closely with the surfacing teams to understand the needs of the business and how to positively upskill the workforce for the benefit of the company, and ultimately MAC’s clients. Andrew has been through many courses to become an approved trainer, which in total has taken around 18 months.

With these qualifications, Andrew is now qualified to assess the following:

  • Road Planer
  • Road Roller
  • Paver
  • Plant Loader / Securer (Low Loader – non STGO)
  • Plant Machinery Marshall
  • Vehicle Marshall
  • Excavator 180 (Streetmaster)
  • Excavator Micro (up to 1 Tonne)
  • Forward Tipping Dumper
  • Forward Tipping Mini Dumper
  • Material Re-Handler 360 (Grab)
  • Plant Mover (none operational)
  • Quick Hitch Awareness
  • Safety Awareness
  • Face fit testing

Training at MAC is based from their Tipton HQ but is 100% mobile as Andrew visits site wherever necessary

As with anything new from MAC- it isn’t done on a whim, and that company vision already has plans for a dedicated West Midlands based training centre in the not too distant future as the division grows and develops.

We asked Marc again, ‘So what makes this training division great?’

Marc concluded:

“Firstly, we have extensive experience within the industry, and constant up to date knowledge. Our assessor has worked in the industry throughout his career and has a wealth of knowledge as well as continuing to strive to learn.

“This cannot always be said for existing training providers that are not familiar with the latest equipment or processes.

“We will now be able to offer external customers greater flexibility and most of all – a more competitive offering.”

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