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Plant Haulage division keeps projects moving smoothly

In the world of haulage, MAC Surfacing knows the business inside out. MAC provides a transport service that delivers road surfacing plant and supplies all around the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

MAC Surfacing | 24/7 Service Makes the Difference

Their central UK location in the West Midlands means MAC can distribute plant nationwide, and get your plant delivered to you on time, wherever you are. Displaying superb time management skills, quick delivery time, and great customer service has ensured MAC Surfacing has become well known in the industry.

MAC’s transport division was launched at inception, in 2004 and the company now has a fleet of 10 low loader vehicles that deliver plant machinery around the UK.

MAC Surfacing move plant for both their own contracts and works, in addition to their external clients- meaning external clients are getting a gold standard service and utilising the top-class haulage vehicles that MAC use for their own business operations.

The gold standard comes from running a safe, legitimate plant haulage business compliant with DVSA and FORS standards. These accreditations may only go back 2 years, but the systems have been implemented throughout the last 14 years of trading, displaying the longevity and quality of the MAC service.

Further quality is displayed via the standard of the transport vehicles, which are maintained regularly by their in-house workshop and maintenance team.

MAC’s vehicles are bought from two manufacturers, Scania and Volvo, two companies renowned for quality, reliability and longevity.

All vehicles are specified to FORS standard which includes, but is not just limited to, features such as 360-degree all-round cameras, blind spot warnings and safety hazard alerts to the driver.

The MAC Surfacing fleet only contains vehicles up to 5 years old, with most of their vehicles being less than 3 years old as new trucks are being added and older ones replaced every year. By the end of 2018, there will be another new addition to the fleet.

Servicing and inspections are stringently kept as per government guidelines, which is typically 6 weeks, but the entire fleet is rigorously kept in fantastic working order via daily checks.

MAC Surfacing | Workshop and Maintenance division is up and running

Having an in-house team of experts available to call upon means that this division is operating at the height of efficiency- which brings obvious benefits to both MAC Surfacing and their clients.

It’s the service that shapes the business, and the family orientated nature of all MAC do is embedded across their range of divisions.

Jason Hickman, the head of MAC’s plant haulage division spoke to us about their operation:

“Our transport plant haulage division has grown dramatically since it was launched in 2004.

“With 10 vehicles and 15 dedicated staff we cover the entire UK with our operation.

Service and quality is everything to us, so we keep our haulage vehicles maintained to the highest standards just like we do with our planers and pavers, so our clients can rest assured they are getting no less of a service than we provide ourselves, given we deliver our own plant to our own jobs.”

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