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Price vs Value: Who’s Your Supplier?

When selecting the right supplier for your contract, what are you really looking for? It seems that more and more, price -over value – is king. That number on the page speaks more to a buyer than any other factor.

But, does price bring value? Should price alone be the determining factor when deciding upon how you carry out your work?

‘What am I not getting?’

Often, smaller companies and one-man bands will quote for work with a cheaper price to win a contract. Whilst this may look appealing, we must ask- ‘what am I getting for my investment?’ And perhaps even more importantly, ‘what am I not getting at this price?’

Lets explore a selection of the associated costs that go into a higher (yet competitive) quote from established, reputable companies that preach value over price alone.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

-Benjamin Franklin

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ and whether this is your cheaply manufactured road signs or your sub-par resurfacing job – the long-term traumas of a purely low priced based decision is something we’re all aware of.

So, when we’re weighing up price vs value- what are the factors and associated costs that we should really be considering and appreciating from a quote?

  • Quality plant and vehicles
  • Labour/Workforce certification and skillset
  • Use of well maintained PPE relevant to risk assessment
  • Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems
  • Software investment
  • Adequate Insurance levels
  • Strong management team for customer support
  • 24/7 support – the phones do not turn off at 5pm

The ultimate aim of any works scheme, is to get things right first time. With the correct systems and procedures in place, coupled with the highest skilled workforce and top-quality machinery, suppliers are in prime position to deliver the most efficient ‘right first time’ service to their clients.

By opting for true value over low price, works are in a position to be completed more safely, and on time- minimising disruption to local areas and the public.

At MAC Surfacing, they strive to be the leader of hire based road surfacing services whilst maintaining a competitively priced service.

MAC can offer all of the above points and a lot more, so call today to see how they can support your hire based road surfacing requirements 0121 522 2303.

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