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The view from the top: The MD’s perspective

Mark Hibbert sits proudly as MAC Surfacing Managing Director.

Based in Tipton and launched in 2004, MAC Surfacing have grown into one of the nation’s leading providers of hire based surfacing solutions incorporating Paver Hire, Planer Hire, Labour Hire and Plant Haulage.

We spoke to Mark about his progression into the role of Managing Director, what the job entails, his visions for the future of MAC Surfacing and more… So, Mark, how long have you been working at MAC Surfacing?

MH: “In total, I’ve been with MAC for almost four years now, and I’ve been MD for around a year.”


HI: Why MAC? What was it that appealed to you?

MH: “It was multi-faceted in relation to MAC really. Firstly, the company offers the complete surfacing solution and not just hire. That was important to me – what the capability of the company actually is.

“Secondly, I felt there was a real opportunity to develop both professionally and personally here. Given the way the last few years have gone and the fact I’m fortunate enough to be in the position I’m in now, I feel I made the right choice.”

HI: How is the role different now you’re MD to what you were doing before when you were Sales Manager?

MH: “Well, as I’m sure you can imagine, there is involvement in a lot more key decisions regarding all aspects of the business. But, the main difference for me in the MD role is the ability to be more directly involved with clients. I’m able to offer support and assurance and work hard on building new relationships and in particular- strengthening those we have already.

HI: What are your short-term goals for MAC?

MH: “My main goal short term was to employ an out of hours office manager and we acted promptly to make this happen. It’s important to us that we practice what we preach in terms of service and having a 24/7 support that is a true, genuine 24/7 support service.”

HI: Where do you see MAC in 5 years?

MH: “I see us having an even greater presence around the UK in terms of depots and labour, meaning what is already a mobile, nationwide service will increase in terms of scale and efficiency. I see us having the largest paver hire fleet in the UK and be a strong contender in the planing market.”

HI: And longer term? What’s the dream?

MH: “Ultimately, to be the only call needed for anybody with any need for anything surfacing hire related. We want to be the one stop shop.”

HI: So as Managing Director, what’s your typical day?

MH: “It’s hard to give you a ‘typical’ day to be honest. The role brings variety and a host of challenges which is what keeps it exciting to be honest. I’m here to support the office team some days, others I’ll be supporting operations and looking for new business opportunities for the business. It’s extremely hands on, I’m out spending a lot of time with our clients and supporting them on a regular basis which helps me gather feedback and areas we can look to improve- it shows we really do care about the people who choose MAC.”

HI: What would you say is your philosophy?

MH: “This might be the simplest question you’ve asked me: service is everything. We preach it and we do practice it. We build our ethos and our values around the service we provide.”


HI: And finally, any secrets to success?

MH: “Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any secrets. We have a fantastically skilled, committed team here at MAC who really buy into what we do and how we do it. We work hard and we put service at the top of our list of deliverables."

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