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Workshop and Maintenance division is up and running

Experts in surfacing solutions, MAC Surfacing are now sharing their knowledge and expertise by providing the services of their top-class maintenance team to other companies in need, when they need it.

MAC has set out to help other companies with emergency breakdowns and issues with their plant machinery, as well as general ongoing maintenance of vehicles and machines to keep them in the best possible condition for the job at hand.

Its another 24/7 service that can be provided by MAC when their maintenance team are needed and booked.


Known for their grade A service, MAC will now be providing this to other companies on the maintenance side of works with their emergency mechanics, as well as ongoing to their clients operationally as normal.

Marc Copson, Director of MAC told us:

“Given our expertise and skilled maintenance workforce, we feel we can offer a fantastic service to others in the industry who perhaps don’t have a team the size, or of the capability level that we do.

“Collaboration is a real buzzword in the industry right now, and we’re looking to form partnerships and relationships with others that benefits both parties.

“We believe offering the services of our maintenance and workshop team to others displays our desire to collaborate with others, and help to raise standards and efficiency across and throughout the industry”

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