Our Values

It all starts with the people. We here at MAC must build trusting relationships with both our team and our customers, constantly working together to agree mutually beneficial outcomes. Within any collaboration, the people are absolutely vital. To have a valued, appreciated group of people we find is key.

By making our team feel valued and motivated, and our customers truly appreciated and cared for we have a great foundation for collaboration.


Our business operates on the basis that “People” are our most important asset, without highly motivated and happy staff, we cannot truly support our client’s requirements or the communities in which we serve. Every member of our team plays an important part in the overall business and we strive to maintain a reputation for quality and service.


“Environment” must play a key role as our planet is important to us and we should use our corporate place within the market to do all that we can for the long term future. With an active strive for formal 14001 accreditation, we continue to assess our impact on our environment and seek alternative, modern methods of working or alternative materials that positively support our commitment to a cleaner planet.


By working closely with our clients of all sizes, we strive to identify efficient ways of completing a project successfully in both timescales and materials utilised. With early contractor involvement, we can agree a mutually beneficial programme that will lead to reduced costs, greater profit and ultimately, long and successful business associations for all involved.


We recognise the importance of multi contractor involvement and the need for collaboration across the business to reach satisfactory, achievable outcomes. By bringing together all of our company values and being involved within a contract as early as possible, we have the necessary team and systems in place to offer true business collaboration to contracts of any size.

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